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What is the printing process?

Notre équipement utilisé pour l'impression 3D Résine nouvelle génération

You will find below the tools and the material that I use in order to offer an always premium quality of service. 

Quality is not a luxury, it is a standard!

It all starts with the machine!

The machine I use among Services that I propose is equipped with alarge print volume, which allows me to make large models in a single print and thus considerably reduce the post processing of the models. With this printing capability I am able to produce large size figurines

(40 cm or more if necessary).

In addition to its large print volume, the machine offers aOutstanding 8K print resolution. This means that every detail of the figure is clearly reproduced with exceptional precision. Textures, shapes and patterns are all rendered with incredible clarity, resulting in superior quality miniatures. (below an example between a 4K and 8K print)

The machine I use is also equipped with the latest 3D printing technology, which makes itfast and effective. Thanks to its high-speed printing system, I can produce complex figures in a short time.


The raw material used

The raw material I use is a resin8K high quality. This resin offers exceptional printing precision, which allows the production of miniatures with an incredibly high quality of detail. 

Compared to conventional resin and 4K resin, 8K resin offers twice the printing resolution. This means that every detail is even more precise and the figures are evensharper and more detailed. More complex patterns can be reproduced with greater precision.

The resin I use is also very strong, which means that figures produced with this raw material aremore durable over time, shock resistant Andto stripes.

In sum, 8K resin is a high-quality raw material that offers exceptional printing precision and increased durability. With this raw material, I am able to create top quality figurines for fans of manga, Disney, mini creatures and other fantastic universes.

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