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Who is this ? Who is he? 

My parents had the fresh idea to call me "Max" without "E"! I've always been attracted toart, beautiful colorsand of course like most people of my generation by the advent of Manga in France. 

I've been drawing ever since15 years old. I tried to make my comic strip, but this format was not for me. This is why, today I turn to3D printing. 

3D printing for me was discovery and rebirthin my passion for art! Being able to touch your character after modeling it isfantastic, marvelousshall we say! Then you have to admit it, have a figurine on a shelfvsslap!

Anyway, today I offer a 3D printing service. This consists of offering my modestfigurinesfor sale, aprinting service for your files .STL and to makespecific commands(A figurine or why not a model to repair your washing machine).

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